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Specialist services for patients in Jesmond Lower Gosforth

As part of Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network, patients at The Grove Medical Group have access to new and specialist services.

Primary Care Networks – or PCNs – allow groups of GP practices to work together. One way we have chosen to do this is by recruiting expert staff who work with patients here at The Grove Medical Group and our neighbouring practices.

These staff deliver services that we have chosen to commission as we believe they offer the most comprehensive benefit to the overall health and wellbeing of patients in our area.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is about helping people with non-medical issues that impact their general health and wellbeing.

Loneliness, frailty or problems with relationships, work, housing or debt are some factors that, while not medical issues themselves, can make it harder for people to get better or stay in good health.

Our team of Social Prescribing Link Workers – Sarah, Lauren, Kathryn and Clare – spend time with patients and get to understand what matters most to them. Together, they can make a proactive plan that helps people achieve their goals, offering support, guidance, and reassurance.

Physiotherapy – Meet and Move

Working with our Social Prescribers, Rachel, our Network Physiotherapist runs a weekly exercise class called ‘Meet and Move’.

The class helps people increase confidence in their mobility, get more active and there is a strong social aspect to the group as well/

Medication Queries

You may come across our Network Pharmacy team if you regularly take medication and are due for a review.

Clinical Pharmacists Carol Tom and Kiristine and Pharmacy Technician Jen help you get the best out of your medication.

When your medication review is due, you’ll be contacted, but in the meantime, if you have questions or concerns about your medication, then the team are happy to help.

Ask to be referred

All of these expert services are available to you through The Grove Medical Group. If you would like to be referred to one of our Jesmond Lower Gosforth team, please speak to a staff member at the practice.

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