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Contact us Online

Our online system is quick, convenient, easy to use, and it gets you the help you need when you need it.  Please complete our online form to request a GP appointment/medical advice/admin requests.

Submitting an online request

You can use our website or the NHS App to send a message directly to one of our Doctors.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the 5-question form and enter your details
  • Our Doctors will look at all clinical requests and decide how best to help you
  • If an appointment is best, we’ll send you a link to book a time convenient to you
  • You might be signposted to a self-help advice, a pharmacy or another NHS service
  • Lots of requests can be resolved without you needing to come to the practice

This replaces our traditional appointment and eConsult systems, and will make best use of our appointment capacity, and help patients quicker.

Manage your health online with the NHS App or through SystmOnline if you are already registered for that service.

Prescriptions, test results, medical records can be accessed via these platforms.

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