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Have you explored our website?

Last year, as part of a project across Jesmond Lower Gosforth we launched new websites for The Grove Medical Group and our neighbouring practices.

Since then, we’ve seen more and more patients using our site for health information, getting in touch, and using the NHS’s digital services, like ordering prescriptions through the NHS App.

In recent months it’s been great to see our News pages getting an increasing number of views as we continue to share up-to-date information, advice and guidance on how to use the NHS and proactively manage your health.

We thought it would be helpful to share a few quick suggestions on what there is on parts of our site and how to find information relevant to you. Scroll through below or hop to sections with the buttons.

Latest News

Our news page is where we post updates on health conditions, general guidance on getting the best health care possible, and the work of our Primary Care Network team.

The most recent posts appear in the news section on our home page, or you can explore our full news archive.

Here are some of our most recent updates.

  • Global IT Outage

    Global IT Outage

    A global IT problem is currently affecting our practice. We are still open for business but this is impacting on our systems. This includes things like using paper patient records, hand-writing prescriptions for patients and using phone systems rather than digital bookings. GP practices, hospitals and community services are busier than usual, so we ask the … Continued

  • Summer Health: Hay Fever

    Summer Health: Hay Fever

    Summer Health: Hay Fever Has your hay fever been worse than usual this year? Or maybe you noticed that sneezing started that bit early? More than one in four people suffer from hay fever, three times the number 30 years ago. Four in five people with asthma suffer from hay fever, and it can be … Continued

  • Vaccinations in Pregnancy: Whooping Cough

    Vaccinations in Pregnancy: Whooping Cough

    Vaccinations in Pregnancy: Whooping Cough Throughout our lives, the NHS offers safe and effective vaccines to protect us against infectious diseases. That protection starts before birth, with the pertussis, or whooping cough vaccine, offered during pregnancy. Cases of whooping cough have increased significantly in the UK this year. We want to encourage expectant mothers to … Continued

Categories and Keywords

To save you from having to scroll through all our updates to find what you’re after, there are ways to get there quicker.

We use some simple category names to group news posts together. So if you are looking for the latest on mental health or health and wellbeing, just pick an option from the drop-down menu to get your news.

If you’re looking for something more specific, try the keyword search option. This will look through all our posts, checking the headlines, section names, text and keywords we’ve added and show you the results.

At the end of each post, we might suggest other pieces of content based on the subject matter.


As you’d expect, our resource page is packed with all sorts of useful information. But did you know there are three different ways to find what you are looking for?


First, there are the categories. Like with the news posts, these group together pieces of information.

We’ve tried to make these categories as sensible as possible – either describing you or a particular situation. Hopefully, this makes it easy to find relevant information, even if you might not know it’s name.

Here’s an example: The Little Orange Book is a fantastic resource for new parents, with practical advice about common conditions up to the age of 5.

#DOYOURBIT Check out The Little Orange Book Expert health advice for children under 5 years
#DOYOURBIT Check out The Little Orange Book Expert health advice for children under 5 years

But if you didn’t know that, you wouldn’t know to search for the words ‘little orange book’.

By categorising it under children’s health and parenthood, it makes a helpful resource much easier to find.

You can see some of the resources in the parenthood category below.

  • Easy Read: NHS Healthy Start

    Easy Read: NHS Healthy Start

    This easy-read guide shows you who can get free NHS prescriptions.

  • Vaccinations, Immunisations and Inoculations

    Vaccinations, Immunisations and Inoculations

    Vaccinations, Immunisations and Inoculations Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. They work by training your immune system to develop antibodies that protect you from disease. All vaccines are extensively researched and tested before they are approved for use. Their effectiveness and side effects are also regularly monitored. Existing vaccines are also … Continued

  • Better Health – Start for Life


Another way we’ve tried to make it easier to find what you need, is to group resources by type.

So, for instance, if you are looking for some self-help, an easy-read guide, our policies or some specially created video content walking you through how to use the NHS App.

These are some video resources.

Keyword search

Lastly, of course, you can still use the keyword search option, which, like the news posts, will trawl through titles, headings and content to bring you relevant results.

Our Team

When we surveyed patients as part of building our new sites, a lot of people said they wanted to get to know the staff team a bit better.

The Our People page is home to staff profiles. Here you can see our practice and network teams, and find out more about their roles and how they help patients.

You can use the Job Role filter to find everyone in the same position or the Specialisms filter to see what your clinical team are experts in.

Here are some of the most recent updates on our staff pages.

Claire Atkinson, Practice Manager

Claire Atkinson

Introduction ...

Andrea Mullen

My name is Andrea, and I'm a Learning Disability Social Prescribing Link Wo...

Sharon Young

Profile coming soon...

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What do you think?

We built our new websites to do what patients said they wanted and to help our practice and network teams.

Why not take our quick survey and let us know how we did?

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