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Prescriptions with the NHS App are now even better

New updates to the NHS App make viewing and collecting your prescribed medication even easier.

Here’s what’s changed and how it can help you.

Prescription barcodes – collect anywhere

Prescribed medicine can now be collected without needing a paper copy of your prescription.

This will save a trip to collect paper prescriptions for patients without a nominated pharmacy.

Once the prescription is approved, it will show in your NHS App. From there, you can generate a barcode to show at a Pharmacy, who then supply your medicine.

For patients without a nominated pharmacy – perhaps the prescription is new, or you’ve recently moved  – this means you can easily collect your medication from somewhere convenient without needing to collect a form from us.

If you already have a nominated pharmacy, your prescription will go there unless you make a change before requesting your prescription. Changing your nominated pharmacy can be done in the app.

See more about your prescriptions

The App updates also allow you to see more about your prescriptions.

The new features show you the following:

  • What has been prescribed  
  • Whether it’s a one-off or repeat prescription
  • Who has prescribed it

This quickly gives patients transparent information about what has been prescribed and by whom.

Please be aware that you might not see all digital prescriptions if:

  • it is prescribed but unavailable to you until a future date
  • it is cancelled
  • it was issued more than six months ago
  • it was prescribed at a hospital or other secondary care centre
  • their pharmacy manages their repeat medication supply regularly

To use these new features, make sure you have downloaded and installed the NHS App on your phone.

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