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The Grove are taking part in The Great Big Green Week. Please see the below ideas how you can go greener!

Everyone can play a part in making improvements to go greener from recycling to walking more, even the smallest of changes can help. See below for some ideas and links to useful info.

What can I do?

  • Recycle – Lots of us already recycle our waste for items such as cardboard etc but could you do more to swap items or offer furniture to someone in need? Also did you know you can take out of date inhalers to the pharmacy then they can be disposed of correctly in a way that destroys the propellant without harming the environment. Ask your local pharmacist if they have a inhaler recycling scheme in place.
  • Turn it off – By turning off lights and electronic items when not using them you can help save energy, even when items on on standby they still use lots of electric.

Below are some useful posters with activity information for different patient group

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