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How to Switch Profiles in the NHS App

If you have proxy access to the health records of a family member or someone else you look after, here is how to switch to their profile in the NHS App so you can act on their behalf.

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the video below:

  • Open the NHS App on your smartphone
  • Tap More in the top right
  • Tap Linked profiles
  • Select the profile you want to switch to
  • Confirm by tapping Switch to this profile.
  • The yellow box at the top will show who you are acting on behalf off
  • Tap Appointments to book, manage and view past appointments
  • Tap Prescriptions to view orders and request any repeat medication
  • Tap Your health to view allergies, test results, medicines and more
  • To switch back to your profile, tap More
  • Tap Switch to my profile

NHS App Support Morning. Do you use the NHS App? On Friday 8th December between 8.30am - 11am there will be support staff on site at the surgery to help get you started and give guidance for using the NHS App. Please pop in if you feel this would help you. Kind Regards