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The Grove Medical Group – Information for patients in relation to private referrals and aftercare

We understand that some patients will opt to have some, or all their treatment privately and support your right to do so.

This below information describes what you can expect to happen if you see a doctor privately and the interface between NHS GP services and the private sector.

What happens if I would like a private referral?

  • A routine GP appointment will be needed to gather information and discuss the indication for a referral, just as we would for NHS referrals.
  • There is no charge for a standard referral letter to a private provider
  • A private fee is payable before completion if you wish for a GP to complete a private health insurance claim form or report.

What happens if I need a test or procedure?

  • Arranging any tests including blood tests or imaging is the responsibility of the Private Doctor.
  • The Grove Medical Group does not undertake such tests on behalf of private doctors.
  • It is the requesting private doctor’s responsibility to communicate the results of any tests to you and explain what they mean. Your GP will not have access to these tests and may not be able to interpret them.
  • The private doctor is responsible for arranging any follow up and post-operative care, including removal of stitches/staples and sufficient painkillers and preventative medicines if you have had an operation or other procedure. The Grove Medical Group does not offer post-operative care on behalf of private providers.

What happens if I need new medication?

  • The private doctor is responsible for giving you the first prescription of any new medicine that you need to start taking straight away.
  • In some cases, we as NHS GPs may be able to continue to prescribe these medications on an NHS prescription. This would be for medication that NHS GPs would usually initiate and monitor themselves.
  • Our policy on Private Prescriptions is available at: this document outlines common situations where we would not be able to take over prescribing of certain medications.
  • We do not provide blood monitoring for any privately prescribed medication or other monitoring including physical health checks and ECGs. These need to be arranged on a private basis by your private doctor.

What happens if I need to transfer my care back to the NHS?

  • If you wish to transfer back to NHS care, national regulations allow for this.
  • The transfer should be done by the private consultant direct to the NHS speciality. If this is not possible, please make an appointment with a GP to discuss referral through the NHS service.

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