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We Are Closed
  • Patient safety is the main benefit. Patients will be reassured that their request will be looked at the same day by a Grove GP and triaged appropriately. Rather than the current system where they could be waiting weeks for an appointment.
  • With improved efficiency and use of local services, we hope wait times for appointments will reduce.
  • Increased continuity: patients with ongoing issues will be able to book with their regular GP.
  • We will be able to direct patients to GPs who have a special interest in a certain area- e.g GPs with expertise in women’s health, ENT and musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Urgent appointments will be clinically triaged by a GP- so they are available for those that need these.
  • The functionality will be turned on at 7am to help workers have improved access to the surgery.
  • The self-book system will allow patients to book their own routine appointment online, so patients can choose the GP of their choice from all available appointment times.
  • Reduced waits for telephone contact with the practice.
  • The system will be much fairer, ensuring equitable access for all of our patients by creating one safe route into the practice.
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