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Improving Patient Access

Our Practice Goals

  • Enable easy and equitable access to our services

  • Provide rapid triage of all medical requests

  • Improve collaborative working between teams within the practice

  • Reduce ‘unseen’ work and ensure manageable workload for all staff

  • Reduced telephone call wait times for patients

What are the core benefits for patients? 👪

Some of the benefits for patients include:

✅ Better continuity of care

✅ Reduced appointment waiting times

✅ Improved access for patients who cannot use technology by reducing call volume

✅ Improved efficiency

✅ Only attend face-to-face appointments when necessary


Our new appointment structure ensures you’re seen by the right healthcare professional promptly. Your needs are our priority, and this change aims to address your concerns, making healthcare more accessible and tailored to you. Your well-being is at the heart of our changes. We appreciate your understanding during this transition and look forward to providing you with improved services.


This video explains more in relation to a total triage system


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