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Due to a shortage of flu vaccine supplies we are unable to invite all patients who are eligible in the 50-64 age group category and therefore we have prioritised patients in that age group with health conditions.  If you are in this age group and do wish to have a flu vaccine and have not heard from us, local pharmacies are providing these free of charge.  If we do obtain further vaccines for this age group, we will contact you.
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Antony White

Business Intelligence & IT Manager


I’m Anthony White, a Business Intelligence and IT Manager working for North Gosforth and Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Networks.

team-member-photo Antony White

What I Do

My role has two main components. The first is to use good quality, relevant data to inform the decision making in our practices and networks. The second is to improve the IT systems used across the PCNs, which help to deliver better, integrated care to our patients.

How I Support Patients

While my role is not patient-facing, I provide centralised support, resources and information to our Practices, helping them to run more effectively and efficiently.