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Carol Dolderson

Clinical Pharmacist


My name is Carol Dolderson, and I’m a clinical pharmacist. I work with staff and patients at all four GP practices in the Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network.

team-member-photo Carol Dolderson

What I Do

As a Clinical Pharmacist, my expertise and training are in medication. My job is to make sure patients are prescribed the best possible medication to treat their condition and improve their health. When guidance on medication changes, it’s important to understand and communicate any potential changes to patients and other prescribers in GP practices.

How I Support Patients

I have a particular focus on care home patients and people who take multiple regularly prescribed medications. During in-depth reviews, I have the time to take a holistic look at a person’s overall health, how they are coping with their medication, and make adjustments to maximise it. This is especially important for people with more than one long term condition or who have complex medicine routines with multiple prescriptions.