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Why is the way I book a GP appointment changing?

The Grove is dealing with unprecedented demand on GP appointments. The wait time for a routine appointment has increased steadily over the last 12 months from 7 working days, to over 5 weeks at certain periods. This is despite The Grove offering up to 1000 more GP appointments a month in 2023 compared to 2022. … Continued

Why is demand for appointments so high?

This is a national issue, and not just a local one. We have an ageing population and a high proportion of our patients are elderly, frail and with multiple health conditions. We have a high rate of patients not attending for appointments, in November 2023 alone, 84 GP appointments were wasted, this is over 300 … Continued

Why can’t you employ more doctors?

NHS funding to individual GP practices has not risen above inflation in many years. Whereas costs have increased. Previously, the practice would have been given Winter Funding to help fund a locum GP over high demand periods. Now this funding is allocated to provide our patients with extra appointments at Urgent Treatment Centres (previously known … Continued

What if my problem is urgent?

All requests will be looked at the same day by the triage GP If you feel that your problem is clinically urgent and this needs to be highlighted; please phone reception after submitting your form and highlight this to the team- this will then be passed on to the triage GP. If we have reached … Continued

What does “triage” mean?

“Triage” is a system by which GPs use information provided by a patient in their online form, in conjunction with their medical records to make a decision on how urgently that patient needs to be seen and who is best placed to fully assess and manage their problem. Total triage means that all appointment or … Continued

Is the online form confidential?

Yes, the software we are using is approved by the NHS and we have been using it in the practice for the past few years to send texts and for patients to upload photos. The form you submit will be treated with the same confidentiality rules as your medical records.

What are the benefits for patients?

Patient safety is the main benefit. Patients will be reassured that their request will be looked at the same day by a Grove GP and triaged appropriately. Rather than the current system where they could be waiting weeks for an appointment. With improved efficiency and use of local services, we hope wait times for appointments … Continued

How can I make an appointment if I’m not online?

We would encourage those who can, to use the online service as this is the quickest and most efficient way to get help. If you cannot access this there are other options: A family member or carer can fill in the brief form on your behalf Ring the practice in the usual way and our … Continued

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