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Laura Self



My name is Laura Self and I work as a Clinical Pharmacist here at The Grove Medical Group.

I qualified with a Master of Pharmacy degree from Portsmouth University in 2005.

Before joining The Grove Medical Group in July 2019, I worked as a Practice Support Pharmacist in lots of practices across Newcastle upon Tyne. I have also worked as a Hospital Pharmacist before moving to the North East in 2010.

What I Do

My main role is to ensure patients get the most from their medications and take them safely and appropriately. I am also here to empower patients and help them understand what their medicines do and why it is important that they take them correctly.

How I Support Patients

I consult directly with patients about any concerns they may have about their medications. I can also give patients advice about how best they can manage long term conditions. Another important part of my role is providing advice and support to my colleagues and sharing new medical evidence and guidance. I have a particular interest in the management of patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and specialise in ensuring patients get the most from their inhalers.

Get in touch

Patients are often referred to me by GPs and Nurse colleagues but I am very happy for patients to self-refer by calling reception.

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