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We Are Closed

Vicky Watson

Introduction I am the Strategic Manager for both North Gosforth and Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Networks.

Mathew Curtis-Holloway

Introduction I’m Mathew Curtis-Holloway, an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner and Same-day Access Service Lead. I joined the Jesmond Lower Gosforth PCN in June 2021. I work full time across the Jesmond Lower Gosforth surgeries and am based at 200 Osborne Road.

Tom Byrne

Introduction My name is Tom Byrne, and I work as an Integrated Care Clinical Pharmacist. I qualified with a Master of Pharmacy degree from the University of Sunderland in 2017 and completed my pre-registration training at hospitals and GP practices in Leeds. Before joining the PCN in November 2019, I worked as a Pharmacist at … Continued

Rachel Cowey

Introduction I’m Rachel Cowey, and I joined Jesmond Lower Gosforth PCN in October 2020 as a Physiotherapist. Since completing my BSc in physiotherapy degree in 2018, I’ve been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the community and private practice. Last year I also opened my own private physiotherapy clinic in South Gosforth.

Carol Dolderson

Introduction My name is Carol Dolderson, and I’m a clinical pharmacist. I work with staff and patients at all four GP practices in the Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network.